Robert is keenly focused on showing his clients that the industry accepted approach is not the only way to reach the desired look. The wood finishing industry approach is focused on two main points. The first point is achieving the desired color. The second is providing an appropriate protective coating. While there is a high level of creativity necessary to achieve an overall even color on wood surfaces when using the different types of products that are designed and manufactured by the finishing industry, the options are limited. One thing is apparent, at times it is difficult to discern what the wood species is? 
This mindset makes no sense to him at all. Why specify a beautiful hardwood and then cover it up? Robert's approach is focused on revealing the beauty of the wood, period. Even if the color has already been specified it is just one of the elements that are considered when creating the process. Robert does not rely on the use of stain to color the wood. Instead, he uses unusual materials with which he can create a water-based chemical reaction at the cell level. The resulting color is then infused into the wood instead of sitting on the surface. Even if the color is black, it is still possible to see the wood. Then applying other organic materials to slowly build the color outward the end result is nothing short of spectacular. This approach is not for everyone. It is something that has to be appreciated. Why should an industry tell you how to define quality and art? There is another choice.
His consulting services allow for architects and designers to solve seemingly impossible finishing issues. He then creates samples, material lists, defines a step by step process and then guides and or supervises the finishers or painters already attached to the project on how to replicate his approved samples. Imagine a truly bespoke finish with a considerably lower price point than was previously possible before.

When working with clients, Robert's approach for creating, replicating, or adjusting a color is far different than the industry path. The concept of spending days, weeks, or sometimes months to achieve a color, concept, or style that a designer, client, or architect has envisioned is unimaginable. His approach, while different, yields the EXACT color, concept, style etc. that originally was chosen or specified. There is no need to redesign the concept, or start a new narrative, because the vendors can't achieve X, they can only get in "the ballpark" or make Y (not X). If you are told the design concept or color you want is impossible or unachievable, please call me, I can make any color, period of time, style etc.