Industry Approach

These photos are the clearest example of the difference between the industry standard and my approach. The top photo is a project where this antique gaming table was restored using an industry approach known as "toning".  Toning is a higher level skill set. It is used by the industry to even out different colors, enhance a color, hide repairs, highlight surfaces and a variety of other treatments. Most toners are manufactured using pigments, dyes, and hot solvents. But they also hide the wood obscuring the natural tones. If you have never seen what is possible how can you compare? The bottom photo is my approach using organic materials to celebrate and reveal the wood. Even the repairs have disappeared. I want my clients to know what is possible, then make the decision of what they want. Instead of an industry telling them what is beautiful.

Residential Project

This project involved creating 8 different finish processes to create the feeling envisioned by the architect and designer. Every project that I design finishes for has the same goal. That is celebrating and enhancing the natural beauty of every wood species. This wood is Sapele and the depth and clarity produced are extraordinary. Every process that I design has both clear directions and a defined material list that has been carefully and thoughtfully chosen for each and every layer of the presentation.

Site Supervision

This is a project where I was brought in after the project results where not what was originally envisioned. The photo on the left is where the finish was when I was brought on. The right photo is after completion. My experience allowed me to assess the current issue, determine the new approach which included going backward, mitigating all the issues, and then going forward. I was told initially that the species was Douglas Fir. After carefully inspecting all surfaces I determined there were actually 5 different wood species in this project. Each wood species had a distinct process that allowed for a seamless color continuity.