Sample Creation

Creating samples for your project begins by having a conversation and discussing your goals. What style, theme, a period of time etc.  Then I interpret what I gathered and create a unique process for each area, room, etc.

Color Palettes

I believe that the standard methodology for creating color palettes is inherently flawed and confusing. 

My approach allows for creating the exact desired color. No longer will it be necessary to redesign your concept because you can't find the appropriate hue.

Onsite Supervision

My processes have significantly different outcomes than what the average industry approach allows for. Even though most finishers that are attached to the high end projects that I am involved with are already skilled. At times my methods and materials are unknown to them and require direct supervision to achieve my same outcome.


I represent VeroMetal in the North America market place. This is an extraordinary product that allows for complete freedom in design with metal in ways that before were not possible. Both interior and exterior design concepts are possible. Virtually limitless design concepts can be conceived and created

Coatings Consultation

Because of my background as an elite finisher and former painting contractor I am well versed in coatings and coating technology.  I utilise this knowledge to specify coatings that benefit my clients and not just the painting/finishing contractor. Most clients, have little to no understanding of the material choices that are used today. Plus how specifying the right materials for any application can have a profound impact on the durability, repairability, and longevity of a project.


I offer private and group instruction for those people who are interested in achieving a different outcome. Understanding that my approach and material choices are different from the industry standard is the basis of my foundation.

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